If you cannot find the right product, maybe we can make it for you.

Active ingredients

Sometimes  you, as physician or patient, just need that compound that is unavailable. We are pleased to help in making a medicine or supplement of it.

We already introduced several active ingredients, for example thyroid powder USP, calcium d-glucarate and choline alfoscerate.


Maybe you need a combination of compounds. It might be handy if these are in the same medicine or supplement. We are here to help you.

Of course we already have some combinations, like Anesthesis C cream, Bi-Est gel and Hoodia Chromplex.


‘Why do they do is in a tablet. I rather have a capsule I can open.’ ‘This cream is irritating. Is there no other way?’ Medicine should be easy to use. Shape and ingredients can make a big difference. We can make administration easy for you.

These are a few examples of different formulations: nystatin, vitamin A, pentosan polysulphate.


By adjusting the formulation, we can also change the effect of a medicine. As a physician or patient this can be in your advantage. Take a look at some examples: melatonin, sildenafil and metformin.


Porcine thyroid powder with constant quality and content through standardisation.